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eGirl - interactive 3d sex game


Welcome to EGirl v1.5, the world's most advanced interactive 3D sex game for your PC.With your PC and EGirl software, you'll be talking and interacting with extremely realistic and life-like, sexy 3D girls, and soon men - they're so real, you won't believe your eyes! Download the 3D EGirl demo now - it's free!

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Enjoy a top class 3D sex simulation – EGirl is one of the most advanced 3D sex games ever!

Due to highly-developed and ultra modern technology the 3D babes in this erotic game are probably the most realistic virtual girls ever developed for a 3D sex simulation. EGirl is a fully interactive experience - and you are controlling the action. Use the question/answer interface to communicate with Alys or Maia, the two horny 3D sluts. They will ask you what you want, and you can answer. It´s worth it, because the girls are very accommodating and they will surely fulfil your wildest dreams.

Be your own virtual cinematographer and determine the perspective. With your mouse you can rotate the camera around the girls or use the zoom function. If you are too lazy you can let your computer control the camera – then lean back and enjoy the show!

Now you can tell the sexy babes how to stimulate themselves. Alys and Maia know how to have fun and they know what men expect. There are multiple One-on-One sessions, in total 12 sessions where the two girls will pleasure themselves in various outfits. If you got the registered EGirl Version you can let them even play with sex toys. Use the “DirectStim” mode to control the dildo, this will give the girls ultimate pleasure – take them to the climax!

The coming version of EGirl (2.0) will include a male character, too. Now you can control the male character and have great male-female interactive sex!

In the registered version the erotic action can take place in different and really exotic background environments, for example in a mountain cavern, in an abandoned cathedral etc.

Another advantage of the registered version is that you can use the “Turbo Mode”: Now the girls will talk less, but show more and use a 3D sex toy in every session. You will see – now it will get really hot! By the way, you can use EGirl as a screensaver, too.

Don´t miss these fantastically animated 3D Sluts – play EGirl and experience interactive and extremely realistic 3D sex you´ve never seen before. You won´t believe your eyes!

Download the free EGirl demo right now and see for yourself: This is one of the most advanced 3D sex simulations ever! Then get the registered version and use all features! Enjoy it!

EGirl – system compatibility

If you want to play this sophisticated erotic game, you need a pretty fast computer and –most important- a DX9 compatible video card to get the best shader and graphics performance. EGirl will not run with nice or blur shaders unless you have a DX9 compatible video card.

If you use some of the least expensive cards (Geforce FX 5200, Radeon 9600), you will likely need to turn down the fullscreen antialiasing level, resolution and shader detail level, in order to maintain a usable (30+fps) frame rate. You can use various ATI and NVidia cards – further informations can be found on the EGirl – homepage (Get eGirls here !).

System requirements:

Minimum (Simple Graphics Mode):

- 1.5GHz+ CPU (AMD or Intel).
- 512MB+ RAM.
- NVidia Geforce 256 (or better) or ATI Radeon 8500 (or better).
- 1024x768 oder higher display
- 16 bit sound card
- Internet connection
- Microsoft Windows XP

2.5GHz+ CPU (AMD or Intel)512MB+ RAMNVidia Geforce FX 5600 (or better) or
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro (or better)1024x768 oder higher display.16 bit sound card.

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