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Fetish 3D Review & Description

Fetish 3D

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Fetish 3D is the hottest cyber BDSM game on the market! Download this amazing game and you will experience the best virtual fetish sex worldwide. Be part of the act and punish bad cyberbabes: This game offers you amazing 3D movements and interaction with the hottest and most realistic 3D dominatrixes and slaves ever created! Believe us, the interactive animations in this game are so life-like it´s like actually being there!

Live out your Fetish fantasies and fuck horny 3D Slaves

Fetish 3D features the entire fetish content from the legendary “3D Sexvilla 2” sex-simulation game in one concentrated pack – so you can be sure you will not only get amazingly fluid 3D movements and fantastic sound effects, but interaction with the most realistic 3D babes you´ve ever seen, too. The game offers full customization of characters; you can even change the size and the shape of the cyberbabes tits and nipples. You can choose from all kinds of sexy SM outfits, for example leather and rubber clothes, extremely high heels, nurse outfits & stockings etc – there are boundless possibilities to create the virtual slave-girl you´ve always dreamt of! It´s even possible to customize your 3D girl with accessories like piercings, tattoos or nipple clamps.

In this game you can live out all your Fetish- and SM-fantasies like bondage sex, flogging, whipping, submission, footjobs, the use of candles, 3somes etc. The 3d slave-girls can even sport a strap-on if you are in the mood for some girl on girl action! By the way, besides Fetish & SM sex the game offers all kinds of “normal” sex, too - for example intercourse, doggy style, the usual positions for oral, anal and all the foreplay you can imagine.

There are various places and locations where you can enter the dark and exclusive realms of lust and subjugation: The “VIP Fetish Club” with the St. Andreas Cross, the “Dome of Pain” with different types of horny fucking machines, the “Gyno-Chair”, the “flagged white room” and several other rooms with cages, a hanging pillory and so on.

Fetish 3D provides the same awesome game play, sound effects and animations as the fantastic 3d Sexvilla 2 game. If you want all SM content of Sexvilla in one concentrated pack, Fetish 3D is exactly the game you need! Fetisch 3D

Check out the hottest cyber fetish game in real-time 3D right now – you can find the Fetish 3D free Download “here”. This game is much better than just watching SM video clips – if you play Fetish 3D you´ll become a part of the act, it´s almost like having real sex!

Get Fetish3D here !

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