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The Fleshlight is an artifical pussy and the best-selling sextoy for men worldwide. Since the American firm “ILF” (“Interactive Life Forms”) brought the first Fleshlight (the “Original Pink Lady Fleshlight”) onto the market in 1998, this amazing masturbator provided countless men amazing sexual pleasures. In the meantime many different types of Fleshlights have been developed to satisfy all kinds of sexual preferences.

The name “Fleshlight” derives from the fact that this device looks like a normal flashlight when it´s closed (very comfortable and beyond suspicion if you want to keep it in your room). Recently a fantastic add-on for the Fleshlight has been developed: The Vstroker. If you connect your Fleshlight with the Vstroker you can use it to control interactive 3D sexgames or porn movies especially created for Vstroker. Use the Fleshlight and Vstroker combo to have real time hardcore-interaction with the hottest porn stars ever. If you attach the Vstroker to your Fleshlight it tracks the movements and sends the information to your computer – this means, when you stroke your Fleshlight the Cybergirl in the 3D sexgame (or the video) gets fucked at the same speed. The Vstroker works with interactive erotic games like 3D Sexvilla 2 or special sex movies with Vstroker enabled content – you can get them “here”. This is much better than just watching a hardcore movie: When the Vstroker sits on your Fleshlight you will really be able to control the porn you are watching – this is as close to sex as it gets without having “real” sex! You can order your Vstroker right “here” – either individually or in combination with a Fleshlight.

As already mentioned, a Fleshlight is a very realistic reproduction of a young greedy pussy waiting to be penetrated by your hard cock. What makes this male masturbator so special is the patented “Reel Feel Superskin” inner texture of the Fleshlight – it feels so realistic some men swear it´s even better than the real thing! The Flashlight developers have been very busy in recent years and launched many new kinds of Fleshlights with different looks and various inner textures for diverse kinds of stimulation. You can find a good overview with all different kinds of Fleshlights “here” (Link There are even Fleshlights models which simulate the original vaginas of famous porn stars – just have a look at the “Fleshlight Girls”. How about fucking 100% lifelike reproductions of the pussys of beautiful erotic queens like Alexis Texas, Jessika Drake or Tera Patrick? Thanks to Fleshlight you can let this dream finally come true. And by the way: If you prefer analsex or blowjobs – there are even Fleshlights with “butt-“ and “mouth-orifices”. You see, the Fleshlights can satisfy nearly every sexual preference. What all Fleshlights have in common is the adjustable vacuum-effect for more sexual stimulation.

The Fleshlights have a removable insert so they can be cleaned very easily – simply rinse it off with warm water, that´s all. If you only use a Fleshlight (without Vstroker) you do not even need batteries.

You should check out a Fleshlight right now – it´s simply the best male masturbator ever! Our recommendation: Order your Fleshlight together with a Vstroker device, so you can really use all the possibilities this amazing sextoy has to offer – get it “here”. Every man should have a Fleshlight – millions of users can´t be wrong!

Fleshstroker: Felshlight and Vstroker Review


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