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Hentaii 3D - the best and ultimate 3D Hentai Game
Hentaii 3D

This is the ultimate Manga Sex Game – finally here is THE Cartoon Sex game the Manga fans had always wished for. This is more than only Manga – this is pure Hentai porn game fun!

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Hentaii 3D 2.123

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Hentai 3D 2


The Hentaii 3D software is the further stage of the Hentai 3D Engine (this means, “Hentaii 3D” is in fact “Hentai 3D” part 2). If you purchase the Hentaii 3D software (full version) you will get the forerunner Hentai 3D inclusive the new Hentai 3D 2 at the same time for free. 3D Slut was a very popular and highly successful interactive 3D sex simulation game produced by Thrixxx. This virtual erotic game allowed players to have sex with beautiful 3D sluts in virtual environments. They had the opportunity to choose their favorite 3D Slut out of many different ethnicities. And there were many possibilities to customize the appearance of the 3D babes (body, clothes, skin and hair color, special, tattoos and so on). There´s no question, 3D Slut (in German called 3D Luder) was a really groundbreaking interactive sex simulation for adults. This game isn´t available anymore, but meanwhile Thrixxx released the improved follow-up game called 3D Sexvilla 2. In comparison 3D Sexvilla 2 features enhanced graphics, many new role playing options, new scenarios, toys and even better animated new 3D Models. In fact, 3D Sexvilla 2 is nothing more than a superior version of the popular 3D Slut Erotic Game. If you want to experience the hottest cyber sluts ever and the highest level of interactive 3D Sex Simulation role playing games on the market, you have to try 3D Sexvilla 2. In this new version it is even possible to customize your models face or to ejaculate on the 3D Babes (possibilities that were missing in 3D Slut). So let´s join the 3D Sex Villa if you want to have interactive lifelike sex with your favorite 3D Slut!

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