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Redlightcenter - Online Roleplaying Virtual Adult World

Red Light Center


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Experience the fascinating world of Red Light Center – the first Adult massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Enter a highly sophisticated virtual environment where you can meet, flirt, socialize and have interactive sex with avatars of other players. Explore your erotic fantasies in an amazing virtual representation of Amsterdam´s famous red-light district, known as the “Wallen” – a notorious place filled with strip bars, raunchy hotels and dirty sex clubs. The Red Light Center Game was made available to the public early in 2006 by “Utherverse Inc.” – an internet networking company focused on Web 2.0 technology, social situations and virtual 3D environments. The game turned out to be highly successful – in March 2008 the game already had more than 1,5 million registered users!

Live out your sexual desires in a sophisticated 3D world for adults

Finally you got the possibility to enjoy one of the most popular red-light districts worldwide at home on your own PC, set up in a very realistic 3D environment. Explore the virtual nightclubs, bars, stores or movie theaters in the Red Light Center and you will quickly meet thousands of open-minded women & men from all around the world. Believe us, it is an easy way to make new friends or to find a new lover – this game enables you to have life-like interactive sex with REAL people! From straight sex to lesbian pairings or homosexual sex - the number of possible cybersex positions is simply stunning (Red Light Center supports VOIP if you enter a private room with another member). There are even special communities for gays and lesbians or BDSM-Lovers. You can enter specially equipped rooms to live out all your hidden SM-fantasies. It is possible to customize your personal avatar any way you want to – dress him or her up with your favorite clothes and become the person you always wanted to be! Design your own Zaby apartment by placing furniture or coloring the walls and invite other players. You can also throw massive parties or set up other events like live-music shows, art-gallery openings and so on. It is even possible to open up a shop of your own where you can sell stuff like virtual or real sex (Red Light Center supports XXX commerce). The possibilities in the virtual universe of Red Light Center are nearly endless, and the game is not always about sex and love: You can even take on a job (for example as a nightclub-owner, a teacher or a wedding planner) to make lots of money. Furthermore, the game also works as an interface for sex movies and horny pictures and you can order erotic stuff like sex-toys or erotic lingerie, too. It is even possible to enter a virtual transporter room to let yourself dispatch to key locations of other 3D worlds like “The House of Leather and Lace”, the “Aquarium” or “Virtual Vancouver” with discotheques, a skatepark and the beach promenade. In addition to that, you can be sure Red Light Center will never get boring because of regular updates and permanent versatile enhancements.

By the way, the basic membership of Red Light Center is absolutely free (if you want to have the opportunity to have interactive cybersex with other players, you have to upgrade to become a VIP-member). You can find the Red Light Center free download right “here”. Join this unique erotic 3D world where you can chat, meet new people and enjoy the pleasures of interactive Cybersex. Redlightcenter is the perfect mix of awesome erotic entertainment, shopping, virtual life, social communication and kinky cybersex – to put it briefly, it´s the perfect virtual playground for adults. Play this game to have a look behind the closed doors of Amsterdam´s notorious red-light district – download the game right now and enter this fantastic erotic 3D reality space.

The Game runs on almost any pc and is very easy to use - check here for the Red Light Center minimum system requirements:

- Processor: Intel Pentium III 500 MHz or equivalent
- Operating System: Windows Vista/XP
- RAM: 512 MB
- DirectX: DirectX® version 9.0b
- Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 2 or better - ATI Radeon 7000 or better
- Sound Card: DirectX® certified sound card
- Internet: DSL or Cable High Speed Internet

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