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Sociolotron - Adult 3D Online Roleplaying Game


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Sociolotron is a politically incorrect interactive role playing game especially created for adults. It´s not only about sex, but about all sorts of adult fantasies like crime, vampires and demons also. Exceptionally this game does not focus on warfare or destroying monsters, but on social interaction. There are diverse tasks which have to be solved with the help of your fellow players – chat with the other players and combine your personal talents to find a solution. In this manner and after short time you will have a direct influence on the virtual world of Sociolotron. In some cases it will be even necessary to blackmail or to eliminate your fellow players or monsters – and the game contains a lot of sex, too. Sociolotron knows no censorship and is definitely no game for wimps. If you do a good job you will be ready to establish your own lasting dynasty someday.

If you are in the mood for an exceptional multi-player role playing game Sociolotron is exactly the game you need. Please note that this game has been specifically designed for players age 21 or older.

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