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About Thrixxx

ThriXXX GamesThriXXX is a company from Austria which provides highly sophisticated 3D animated interactive Sex games since 2001. The thriXXX products are very successful and nowadays the company is the world market leader for 3D Sex-simulation games. All games are based on an innovative graphics technology developed by thriXXX – these games offer the most realistic and life-like 3D sex-simulations you can get. If you ever played 3D Sex Games like “3D Sexvilla 2” you will surely agree!

You may also be interested to know that most of the thriXXX games can be controlled with interactive sex toys like Vstroker and Fleshlight to provide an ultra-realistic interactive sex experience (by the way, all games can certainly be controlled via mouse and keyboard, too). Thanks to these devices virtual sex can´t come closer to the real thing! The basic versions of most games can be downloaded for free, but if a player wants to use more features and enjoy full hardcore content he has to buy so-called “SexPacks” or to become a subscriber.

The ThriXXX history

The predecessor company of thriXXX used to develop 3D flight simulations. After the breakup of this company the core team decided to keep on working with the self-developed 3D engine. Inspired by investors from Munich the team decided to develop real-time 3D sex simulations – and they had success!


-ThriXXX released their first product called „3D Slut“, a “single-girl masturbation game” based on the self-developed 3D engine. It was very well received by game players from all over the world. Due to the user´s high interest the game was soon extended with new girls and features. The technology was enhanced continually and finally male models were added to enable direct sexual interaction for the first time.

-ThriXXX released two other products: The impressing “Hentai 3D” was the first western 3D hentai sex game available. The other product was “3D Gogo”, a winamp-plugin to let sexy Cyberbabes dance to your favorite mp3-songs.

Graphics and animations were continually improved. For the first time it became possible to control the games with (third party) interactive sex toys for a more realistic gameplay.


The product line was over-worked completely. ThriXXX released the famous “3D Sexvilla” game that was based on a complete new technology and offered amazing visual effects that nobody had ever seen before. 3D Sexvilla was followed by two other games called “HentaII 3D” (the improved successor of “Hentai 3D”) and “3D GayVilla” (with a gameplay similar to “3D Sexvilla”, but especially for gays). Due to constant technical refinements the products kept on getting better and better.


ThriXXX released a new product line based on new ideas, many additions and a totally re-developed technology: This lead to the release of three new 3D sex games which were much more sophisticated than all the other games before: “3D Sexvilla 2” (nowadays THE classic thriXXX game!), “Hentai 3D 2” and “3D Gayvilla 2”. All these great games had stunning customization features that allowed the players to manipulate the look and the shape of the 3D sluts down to the smallest details.

In the history of thriXXX the company invested millions of dollars into the development of fantastic 3D sex-simulation games – and it was worth it, because nowadays the company is the leader in interactive character animation and virtual 3D sex games!

What can we expect from thriXXX in the future?

No doubt about it – with support and help of the users the company will continue to release the best interactive 3D sex simulation games the world has ever seen. Due to regular updates even the existing games will keep on getting better and better.

As far as we know, thriXXX is working on a completely new product in the moment. A game which will be a huge step away from the current product line: “Chathouse 3D” – the ultimate Massive Multiplayer Online Virtual Sex Game! This game will be a kind of online network where you can chat and flirt with other players. This may not sound very spectacular, but the best of all is: The game will enable you to have interactive 3D cybersex with the virtual avatars of other users! For the first it will be possible to have virtual real-time 3D sex with other gamers connected to the internet – we are sure this kind of groundbreaking multiplayer sexgame will be the next step in the evolution of interactive 3D sex products! So let´s wait and see…the best is yet to come!

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