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Play XXXMan - the horny version of the classic Arcade Game Pacman! In the early eighties Pacman (also spelled Pac-Man) was one of the most popular videogames. Over the years many variations of this classic arcade game have been released – for example, Ms. Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man or Pac-Land. But you can be sure - XXXMan respectively XPacman is by far the most entertaining and funniest version of this classic! The basic principle of the game is the same as in the original version, but in this adaption Pacman is a greedy cunt hunted by mad penises! The more pills you “eat”, the more you get to see of pictures of beautiful sexy girls – XXXMan isn´t only entertaining, it´s also sexy! You can navigate XXXMan simply with your “up & down-” and the “left-right-Keys” – guide XXXMan (=XPacman) through the maze, eat the little pills, but don´t get caught by those dirty penises! Try to eat the Anticonceptional Pills – then you can fuck these nasty cocks! Check “Controls” for further information (for example, how to pause the game and so on). By the way, you don´t even have to download this amusing online game, you can play it online immediately. So let´s play free XXXMan and relive the feelings of early eighties arcade games!

Play ficktris to reveal the hidden pictures from the right panel.

At the end of the game if your score is qualified to enter the top10 (is bigger than the last score) you'll be asked to enter your name and click the send button to register the score.

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