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3D Gayvilla 2 - the interactive 3D Cybersex Game l
3D Gayvilla

3D Gayvilla 2

This product introduces the worlds first and exclusive 3d gay sex action based on the new thriXXX technology V2! Enter a new dimension of 3d gay sex action. The boys are ready to serve in various sexual "games" the user controls. They can play with their big cocks, tight assholes, perform fantastic blowjobs, rimming and deep anal action.

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Finally we can offer you the very first realtime 3D gay-cybersex – use this interactive game to fulfil your most secret fantasies!

Get it on with horny gay boys and do it to them in every imaginable sex pose – you can even use cool sex toys. The realistic animations will really amaze you – not really surprising, because this game is based on the approved thriXXX-technology (well-known for porno game classics like “3D sluts” or “3D Sexvilla”).

You can choose between different types of gay boys, there are blacks, whites etc. – every taste should be satisfied. Then choose your favourite outfits – be a smart business man, a footballer, a police man or a fire fighter. Even eccentric wishes can be fulfilled,

for example there are male baroque outfits or black fetish dresses. Of course you can enjoy the well built guys totally naked, too...

Even the boys physical attributes can be adjusted – for example hair and eye colour, beard shape, body hair and colour, penis length and girth. Individual accessories can be varied, too: Tongue piercings, sexy glasses, fetish rivets and masks…

There are no borders for your fantasies – nearly every sex pose is possible: Masturbation, blowjobs, asslicking, ass-fingering, buttfucking in various positions, even the long-awaited “69”–pose is no problem! By means of mouse and keyboard you determine how the boys have to do it – you will be astonished how lifelike the models react to the actual stimulations (by the way, in every scene you can set the perspective like you want to). The boys will not only react with realistic movements and diverse emotional expressions, but also with sensual moaning and their sexy voices. Surely you can use various sex toys, too – for example bunny plugs, anal jewellery and pig tails, “the tongue” and even beer bottles or cigars – the lifelike ejaculations will amaze you! In the fetish club you can please the models with whips – they like that and will moan with pure lust (please note the realistic scores on their skin). But after the sexy torture don´t forget to be kind to them again – and the uncontrollable sex can start! To please the boys you can even use handcuffs or a candle with dripping wax. The most eccentric “sex toy” is without doubt an impressing fucking-machine – you will be really surprised, but we won´t reveal too much!

A great advantage of 3D Gayvilla 2 is that you can choose between two speed modes (orgasmic and insane). And by the way, you can make online-screenshots of your favourite scenes whenever you want to.

It is well-known that even the best sex gets boring if you do it always at the same place. For this reason you got the choice between various fantastic animated scenarios, for example the sleeping room, the photo studio, a locker room, a beach with footbridge or the office (it´s your chance to fuck your horny employees all over the place!). It will get really eccentric in the hall of ceremonies (travel 250 years back in time), the dreamroom (with 360° free camera movement) or in the gloomy fetish club. In the fetish club you can even tie the hot boys to an St. Andreas Cross – let them wait and beg for more until you fuck them.

You can see, with 3D Gayvilla there are no borders for your imagination – use this unique opportunity to fulfil your hottest erotic dreams like there is no tomorrow!

By the way, permanent updates will always bring you new features – so 3D Gayvilla will never get boring! 3D Gayvilla is the newest dimension of interactive 3D gay-sex-action! Try it now!

Important note: If your PC is below the requirements you might still be able to use the thriXXX software, however your video speed and quality will suffer. Please download and install the latest drivers for your video adapter.

Get the 3D Gayvilla 2 Download here !

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